Slot size of flakiness index

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a) The Flakiness Index is the percentage, by mass, of the particles whose least dimension is less than three-fifths of the mean dimension.Note: If the 16.0 mm sieve has been used in the particle size distribution then the 19.0 - 16.0 mm and 16.0 - 13.2 mm sieve fractions must be combined to form the... 18. FLAKINESS INDEX - FLAKINESS INDEX 18 Aim Determine… Mean sieve size is the average sieve size to which the particle pass and the sieve size on which particles are retained. Excess flaky particles decreases the workability of the concrete for the same water cement ratio, these flaky particles will have tendency to lay down on their plane surface, during... Report "Flakiness Index and Elongation Index of Coarse… to determine the flakiness index of the given aggregates.In order to separate the elongated &aterials gauge each fraction for length on a length gauge. The width of the slot used should 'e of the di&ensions specified in colu&n (6) of the ta'le for the appropriate size of the &aterial. AGGREGATES | Sieve aperture size

Flakiness Index Sieve Set, BS Standards - Set consists of 7 sieves.The accuracy of the slot size is better than 0.1 mm. TMA-1450 Flakiness Index Sieve Set consists of 7 sieves. For sample preperation 6.3, 10, 14, 20, 28, 37.5, 50 and 63 mm aperture sizes test sieves.

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Flakiness Index Sieve Set Sieve Slot Size (wxl)(mm) Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) UTA-0411 4.9x30 1.5 300x220x80 UTA-0412 7.2x40 1.6 320x240x80 UTA-0413 ...

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The Flakiness Index of a coarse aggregate is the mass of particles in that aggregate, expressed as a percentage of the total mass of that aggregate, which will pass the slot or slots of specified width for the appropriate size fraction, as given in Table I below.

Flakiness Index Sieve | Scitech Description. Product Code SCTA-0410 Flakiness Index Sieve Set BS SCTA-0411 Flakiness Index Sieve BS 4.9×30 mm slot size SCTA-0412 Flakiness Index Sieve BS 7.2×40 LASER-BASED APPROACH FOR DETERMINING FLAKINESS INDEX OF ... LASER-BASED APPROACH FOR DETERMINING FLAKINESS INDEX OF ... the masses of aggregate particles passing the slots. The flakiness index ... sample size of 30 from the ... (DOC) Flakiness index and Elongation Index of Coarse ... Flakiness index and Elongation Index of Coarse Aggregates AIM: ... The width of the slot used should be of the dimensions ... Size of aggregates ... ARIZ 233d 4, 2015 (8 - Arizona Department of Transportation